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Team Horses

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Stanford University owns (or borrows) more than thirty horses. All of Stanford’s horses are donated, coming from diverse backgrounds. Their experience runs the gamut from top-rated show champions to trusted beginner mounts. Our horses are the heart of our program and are beloved by the team. We would like to thank all the horse owners who have donated horses to our program, as well as those who let us use their horses in our shows and lessons.



“Airborne” Donated by Rebecca Cyphers, this warmblood gelding has done it all! From eventing to jumpers, Airborne (sometimes known as ‘Aerie’ to his fans) may take a little extra leg, but his lovely jump makes it worthwhile!


“Bijou” With thanks to the McBride family, this cheeky Selle Francais Gelding is one of our hunter stars. His big stride and lovely round jump–along with his impish sense of humor–make him a great draw in Open and Intermediate fences.


“Biscuit” is Kindly loaned to the Team by the Close family, Biscuit is one of the most adored mares in the barn! Her smaller stature holds the biggest heart! And, don’t let her size fool you: she gets down the lines with her lovely canter just fine!


“Bravo” Bravado (Bravo), a handsome Oldenberg gelding donated by the Kerpseck family was a three-ring star (hunters, jumpers, and eq) who now is a four-ring star, adding Dressage to his resume. With a kind and forgiving personality, he has been a phenomenal teacher to so many riders, especially those moving up in their jumping divisions.


“Casper” Cassini Royal 5 (Casper) is a Holsteiner gelding donated by the Bates family. With wins in the jumpers (1.30m, WCE) from Menlo to Spruce Meadows and his start in the Hunter Derbies, he is a favorite of our Open riders. Casper was the 2018 IHSA Z8R1 Horse of the Year.


“Cheese” Argento (Cheese) is a lovely Dutch Warmblood gelding donated by the Schoen family. After a successful career in the hunter arena, including many top finishes in National Hunter Derbies, Junior Hunters, and Performance Hunters, Cheese has taken to his new “job” at the Red Barn, enjoying both jumping practices and Dressage work. 


This lovely Holsteiner mare was donated by Kath Tsakalakis after a successful career in the jumpers. She has traded in her rounds in the 1.20m for equitation fences, dressage lessons, and flat work. Her lovely temperament makes her a barn favorite.


“Classy” Classy’s Ghost (Classy) can do it all! Started as a Western horse, Classy was a dressage champion for the Hoffman family before they donated him to Stanford, and now he can be found in pretty much any type of practice from IEA to IHSA to IDA, with a love of Horsemanship, Dressage and even teaching new riders in PE.


“Cloudy” Cloud 9 (Cloudy), a handsome German warmblood gelding had extensive wins up and down the East Coast in the Hunters before being donated by the McIntyre Family. Cloudy is not only a wonderful draw over fences but a professional-level napper who enjoys sleeping in his turnout every single day and lots of treats from his riders.


“Ebony” Miss Ebony (Ebony), is a Canadian Warmblood/Welsh Pony mare donated by the Hoffman family who is as kind as they come. But, along with her sweet disposition are some serious Dressage accolades, including year-end honors in the CDS at First-Level.


“Etty” With nicknames like “Etty Spaghetti” it can be easy to forget that this loving and laid-back gelding is a Grand Prix star with international wins under his belt.

Emmie Lou

“Emmie Lou” Emmie Lou is a Percheron/Trakehner mare donated by the Bedecarre family who is truly a star in every arena! She carried her young rider to the FEI North American Junior and Young Rider Championship in Eventing (with a silver medal), but these days she lives an easier life enjoying being doted on by a new generation of riders. 


“Gigi” Seekers Lil Margie (Gigi) is one of the elder stateswomen of the Red Barn. She came all the way from South Carolina, thanks to Gigi Clark, (with her barn mate Maya) to join our Western team and today she lives the easy life, teaching PE and walk-jog lessons to her many fans.


“Haribo” MVP’s Starswept Hero (Haribo) might be the smallest horse in the barn (measuring as a medium pony) but his big, loving personality makes him a barn favorite. One of our IEA middle school MVP teachers, Haribo loves treats, snuggles, and napping in the sun. Our thanks to Olivia Brown and Dawson-Grove Farm for the world’s best pony.


“Hank” This palomino AQHA gelding is as sweet as they come. Trading his life as a trail horse for teaching seems to suit Hank as he teaches IEA, Western, and PE classes with thoughtful kindness.


“Hemingway” Hemingway is a fitting barn name for (show name: Cro) this big, handsome, smart, and occasionally irascible KWPM gelding. Donated by the Ashton Family, Hemi is well-schooled over fences and in Dressage, with a huge step and a lovely, flat equitation jump.


“Hercules” Camaro Z (Hercules) is a handsome Zangersheide donated by the Alter Family. Hercules started his West Coast career in the 1.20m and 1.30m’s before Sophie Alter discovered his love for the equitation ring and now he enjoys being a top Open Fences mount… though with a history of jumping out of even our tallest paddock (6’1”!) he still occasionally reminds us of his athleticism. Hercules was voted as the 2022 IHSA Z8R1 Horse of the Year.


“Juno” Juno Athena (Juno) is a liver chestnut Zweibrucker mare donated by the Jecker-Eshel Family. Juno spent most of her show career in the jumper ring, but she has taken to Equitation and Dressage and is beloved for her big step and bold jump.


“Kip” Only Platinum Skys (Kip) might be one of the tallest AQHA horses we have had, but his smooth gates make him an excellent horse to practice Horsemanship and Equitation.


“Mia” Mia Little Whiz (Mia) is an AQHA reining star on loan by Sue Barton. This little mare has it all: spins stops and has loads of personality.


“Maya” Meya Will Be Late (Maya) is one of our fabulous red-headed Quarter Horse mares who joined us with her barn mate Gigi, thanks to the Ronn Family. Maya is a perfect All-Around horse who can do Western, Hunt Seat, and Dressage, but excels at patterns and Horsemanship work.


“Quinn” Greyscale (Quinn) was donated by the Coe Family and he truly is an equitation star! Quinn is a dream to ride on the flat and over fences. Well-schooled in all of the equitation tests, he is one of the Team’s best draws!


“Rook” Checkmate (Rook) is an Oldenburg gelding donated by the Taylor family. A wonderful equitation mount with a lovely personality in the barn, Rook is loved by our IEA and IHSA riders.


“Rocky” Rocky isn’t just an Icelandic Horse with perfect hair, he was also named the 2020 IHSA Z8R1 Horse of the Year thanks to his many, many wins in Novice and Limit (flat and fences!). Thanks to the Bramlett Family for entrusting this joyful horse to our program.


“Rosie” Fancy That (Rosie), donated by the Gates Family, is a Hanoverian mare and a team favorite! Stellar over fences, as well as on the flat, she is adored by all for her wonderful round jump and forward way of going.


Sheldon, Bazinga (Sheldon) is one of the kindest, mellowest thoroughbred gelding you will ever meet. On loan from Hillary Johnson, Sheldon is a perennial Limit Fences champion at every single home show!


Shotzy What a Hot Shot SCA (Shotzy) is the team’s one and only Arabian and definitely lives up to his Hot Shot show name! A joy to jump with a lovely lead change and a forward disposition he is an IEA and IHSA favorite. Our thanks to Maison McIntyre for the donation of this banana-loving gelding!


Sinatra Sinatra Ruhm (Sinatra) is a dashingly handsome Hanoverian gelding who did the Medal and Maclay’s before being donated by the Stone Family. This sensitive and loving horse has such a soft mouth that he enjoys going bitless half the week (all the more room for cookies in his mouth!).


Spotify, Spotify, a KWPN gelding donated by the Reichow family was named 2023 IHSA Z8R1 Horse of the Year and it is easy to see why: his wonderful equitation jump (he won the PCHA Medal Finals with Emma Reichow aboard) and skills on the flat make him a dream draw. He is cheeky as can be, sometimes sticking his tongue out as he canters around, but he is an absolute love in the stall. 


Visa Shes Alota Diamonds (Visa) might just be the prettiest horse in the barn (and she knows it). Donated by Sue Barton, this reiner has won her share of prizes thanks to her amazing spin and stop, but she has won our hearts thanks to her loving personality.